Website Design + Code

Colorado Communities for Climate Action, or CC4CA, is a coalition of local governments advocating for stronger state and federal climate policy. From start to finish, I brainstormed, designed, and developed the code for a website showcasing their progress and achievements. I used a vibrant color scheme inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Colorado and created a large degree of flexibility in the site’s structure to accommodate the client’s desire for a fully-customizable experience.

Establishing Direction

Being a relatively new venture at the time, the client wasn’t exactly what sure what they wanted in a website. I took the opportunity to present many different layout options and listened to feedback to hone in on what aspects were most important to them.

Focusing on the Essentials

Ultimately, the primary factors that the client wanted to showcase were articles about CC4CA in the news and a snapshot of the people behind the coalition. I created an elegant blog interface for them to link to all of their press coverage as a main component of the website. Alongside the list of articles are convenient options to view featured articles, filter by category, and search for older posts.