Eduglobal Associates

Website Design + Code

Eduglobal is a non-profit that connects doctorate physical therapy students with immersive internships abroad. They enlisted my services as a freelance web designer to build a brand new site for them that would appeal to students and make it easy to apply online.

Focusing on the user

When designing a website, I always have two main groups of users in mind: the client who will be managing the site on the back-end and the target audience of the website’s front-end.

First focusing on Eduglobal’s audience, I determined that it was critical for students to easily be able to access the application and know what is required of them. With so many opportunities for internships, I knew it was also important to highlight what Eduglobal offers that others don’t with illustrative pages on each clinical site where internships are offered.

Every clinical location page uses strategic visuals to easily communicate what is offered without an overwhelming amount of text. Custom icons show which services and features are available so users can quickly determine which clinical site would be their top choice for their personal skillset and interests. A photo gallery and “To-Do Nearby” section allow users to place themselves there mentally.

Simple Maintenance

Next, focusing on the client, I knew it was important for less tech-savvy users to be able to review and manage applicants on the back-end. To accomplish this, I created a custom plugin that displays the most relevant information for easy decision-making. From this plugin, the client can also download spreadsheets, edit the application form, and send out information to any selected group of applicants or confirmed interns.