Independent Power Systems

Website Design

Alternative energy company Independent Power Systems (IPS) was in need of a new website when I was hired as Creative Director. They were looking for a minimalist theme that reflected the elite status of their workmanship and products. From basic sketches and brainstorming to final mockups, I designed a light, clean theme for a new website and worked closely with Boulder company DD9 to make the ideas come to life in a functional website.

Reaching More Users

Independent Power Systems is headquartered in Boulder, CO but has other branches and installations across the U.S. I knew it was important to make the website relevant to all users, not just those close by. The distinct theme and graphics of the website unifies the IPS branches while giving location-specific info such as different tax credit incentives and main contacts.

IPS also does alternative energy projects that other solar companies don’t. I decided to showcase their most impressive and unique installations that set them apart from the crowd with separate pages for their wide variety of services.