Sunny Health & Fitness

Website Design

Premium fitness equipment brand Sunny Health & Fitness enlisted the services of DD9 to completely overhaul their website design, resulting in an intuitive E-Commerce site that matches the sleek, sporty nature of their company. This fast-paced project came together beautifully due to effective teamwork within the DD9 team and active communication with the client.

My role in this project was to design the layout from initial sketches and wireframes to the final polished theme and graphics.

Overcoming Limitations

Photography is typically a cornerstone of website design. At times, we find ourselves working with clients that have a limited inventory of compelling visuals. Sunny provided some great action shots of their products but the plain white backgrounds posed a challenge of incorporating these images without appearing too plain. My creative solution to this problem was to incorporate a mix of photo filters, effects, and custom views that made the images more dynamic and a key feature of the site’s aesthetics.


A key component of this site on the client-side is the high degree of flexibility. The wide variety of Sunny products required more than just a generic product listing. For more complex products, there is an optional “Showcase” section in the product overview to highlight unique features with up-close visuals. There is also the option to mark specific listings with eye-catching flags that I designed for top sellers, new arrivals, or sale items.